Woolley Bridge, Hadfield


The Challenge

The works comprise the construction of 31 dwellings for a private developer, for sale on the open market. Planning has dictated that a number of the houses must be affordable homes. We assisted the developer in providing potential contacts within our network of affordable housing provider clients. The site is a part brownfield distressed site, with the added challenge of being built on the side of a hill. This has dictated the design of the houses to achieve an economically viable solution.

Due to the semi-rural nature of the site, there were also added ecological challenges to overcome. Other challenges faced included dealing with multiple stakeholders and the funders ‘Homes England’s’ legal requirements.


Key Considerations

The developer’s journey to achieve planning approval has been long and difficult, with substantial upfront capital outlay resulting in the need to have a highly desirable marketable property and strict delivery timelines in order to maximise marketing and sales opportunities.

Our Services

  • Employer’s Agent
  • Cost Management
  • CDM Principal Designer.



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