‘Onward and Upward’ Fusiliers Museum, Bury


The Challenge

Following a competitive public procurement process, we were appointed as part of a wider team to provide traditional Quantity Surveying services. This included strategic cost management advice on the prestigious ‘onward and upward’ new build and refurbishment development of the Grade II listed Royal Fusiliers Museum in Bury. The design and construction of the museum was part funded by a Heritage Lottery fund award of £1 million.

Key Considerations

One of the major challenges of the project was to resolve the access and circulation issues to the first floor by providing a clear strategy for the entire museum, while minimising impact on the historic fabric of the building. A previous project had failed to deliver this.

Located at the heart of the building is a large chimney shaft, the team came up with a solution that positioned a new lift within the existing chimney which not only resolved the access issue, but also had minimal impact. From a cost perspective, the solution presented a significant risk to the budget if not managed correctly. With the support of the design team the idea was developed in detail at an early stage, allowing us to market test and provide budget security.


In addition, the first floor of the building had lay derelict for a number of years and the historic fabric was in a poor state of repair. With the assistance of an Historic Building and Traditional Materials specialist consultant we were able to prioritise the repairs to ensure that not only was the budget maintained, but the most important repairs were carried out.The Outcome

This was a particularly successful project; creating new and improved space within the museum.


The museum was able to offer a more varied educational programme and reach out to a diverse range of audiences, including young people, families and people from ethnic minorities. This reflects the vibrant population and military history of Bury and the regiment.

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