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The Challenge

We have undertaken numerous due diligence tasks on a variety of projects for Lidl to identify development risks and associated budget costs. Examples of due diligence procured to enable ‘abnormal’ work budgets to be established include:

  • Utility investigations (asset plans, GPR surveys, trial trenching etc.) in order to obtain budget quotations for potential diversion or upgrading of existing utilities within the site boundaries, or those which may impact on potential s278 work packages
  • Ground investigation works to identify any ground improvement works, contamination remediation requirements and similar
  • Existing building surveys to inform demolition risk and costs
  • The procurement and organisation of roof, structural and measured building surveys where existing buildings are to be modernised or converted
  • Drainage strategy designs, including CCTV survey information to inform design solutions.



Key Considerations

Time is always of critical importance and accordingly, to ensure that due diligence activities are completed within strict commercial acquisition timelines, we have developed a database of responsive survey and design consultant partners who are able to provide relevant data to enable us to provide early feedback and to focus attention on key development risks and costs.

The Outcome

While no two projects are the same, the knowledge of key issues allows immediate enquiries to be undertaken with survey companies and designers, which in turn, maximises the time period available for mitigation solutions to be considered and option appraisal budgets to be prepared.

Our Services

  • Due Dilligence.
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