Harper Keele Vet School


The Challenge

Following the exit of a developer, replaced with another one, Noviniti were brought in to manage the project and deliver the vet school for Keele/Harper Adams’ joint venture. This took a short time to review before a new deal was agreed. The funder on the project was L&G and the contractor, Seddons.

Keele will rent the building from Noviniti on a fixed-term lease agreement. A key focus was placed on time involved in the development and its quality. RDD meant changes to the build on a usability and maintenance perspective.

Key Considerations

This included ensuring all Keele stakeholders had input into the design development. Critical to its delivery, the vet school needed to be delivered on time to accommodate the second year of students, as the first year had been placed in alternative accommodation. The high quality of materials and workmanship are also key to the project.

The Outcome

Construction is ongoing.


Construction is ongoing.

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