The Footprint We Leave Behind

Pop into our Stoke office on a Monday morning and there’s a good chance you’ll stumble upon a training session taking place in our board room, addressing a technical issue like “causation of delay” or “what is a defect?”. We hold them regularly and you really wouldn’t be intruding; we open these out to our clients too.

A few years ago we had a young woman join us for one such workshop. She was a trainee QS at a local housing association and, out of the blue, she dropped me an email recently. She asked if I remembered her; she had made such a positive impression on us during that workshop that we all remembered her!

It turned out she had an opportunity for us. She wanted to know if we could help on an asset renewal project and, following a meeting with our director Steve Lowndes, an agreement was reached and we are currently finalising the contract.

For me this is a story about footprints. Wherever you go, with every interaction you have with people, you leave behind an impression. It can be positive or negative, but those footprints have a habit of heading back to your door.

There’s a tendency in business to think that you can only help people by delivering your product or service. But it goes beyond that. At Poole Dick we want to promote the profession itself and opening up our training sessions to others serves that purpose.

Furthermore, a member of our Manchester team has grown so much as a public speaker that he was asked by a client to run a presentation skills session – not something in our official list of services! But run it he did, and it helped cement the relationship we have with that organisation.

Fifty years ago, Neil Armstrong made a footprint on the moon that’s probably still there to this day. Impressions last, and the way we make people feel in our daily dealings is what really lingers in their memory.


(Article by Deborah Davies)

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