Saying Adios to a Poole Dick Legend

Do you remember what you were doing in October 2004? It was a significant time for me (my youngest son Jack was born that month); but it was an important moment for Poole Dick too. We had a vacancy for a receptionist at the time and we took on a woman who became a rock for our company, and a good friend too.

I mention this because Deborah Davies worked her last day for us on 27th February 2020, the end of an era lasting 15 years, 4 months and 2 days (there’s the QS in me!). She and husband Glyn are leaving the sun-kissed plains of Stoke-on-Trent for a new life in Spain and we wish them both health and happiness.

Over the last few years we’ve talked a lot about personal growth within Poole Dick. You see a change in people over time when you create the right climate; people take on more responsibility, go willingly beyond their comfort zone and develop more confidence.

Debs has always been a champion for this, inspiring others to follow her lead and encouraging our younger surveyors to learn and grow, as Jack has been doing (in his own way) during those same 15 years!

I remember a story she told us about her husband buying her a book about ‘improved listening skills’. Her initial reaction was, apparently, less than enthusiastic! But she read it, embraced it and she’s brought a lot of those insights to our internal training sessions.

We all work under pressure and Debs has helped me and others handle the challenges and enjoy the successes we’ve all experienced over those 15 years. Her efficiency, attention to detail and sharp sense of humour has helped us get where we are as a company.

She wrote a lovely piece a few weeks ago about ‘the footprint we leave behind’ – believe me Debs, your Poole Dick footprint is much larger than those dainty little trotters of yours!

You will be sorely missed.

(Post by Steve Lowndes)

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